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AlignRevenue Wins Incubator Space in Flatley Challenge

Finalist in John Flatley Company’s 2014 Flatley Challenge Contest

Nashua, NH – February 24, 2015 – AlignRevenue, Inc. has been awarded a free, private office suite for a year in the Flatley Innovation Center at the Nashua Technology Park (NTP) as part of the 2014 Flatley Challenge.

The Flatley Challenge is designed to assist entrepreneurs in the fields of IT, communications, storage, connectivity, robotics, medical devices, life sciences and other leading-edge technologies. It is intended to stimulate the development and growth of early-stage companies by providing them both a first-class workspace and the opportunity to interact with world-class companies.

“We are honored that Flatley recognized our potential and are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the NTP ecosystem,” said Ric Pratte, CEO & Co-Founder of AlignRevenue.

“In evaluating the finalists for the Flatley Challenge, we felt that AlignRevenue has great promise, and we wanted to play a part in helping them achieve success,” said John Flatley, Founder & CEO of the John Flatley Company. “AlignRevenue is early in its growth cycle, and we felt that the Innovation Center space would be the best fit for the company. We are glad that we have the resources to support the growth of this New Hampshire-based start-up.”

AlignRevenue has been headquartered in Manchester, NH at Alpha Loft, a start-up business incubator with multiple co-working spaces throughout Southern New Hampshire.

“Alpha Loft’s rich ecosystem of entrepreneurs, partners and sponsors has provided a wealth of resources to us,” said Ric Pratte. “We will continue to contribute to and support this wonderful community.”

“We’re happy to have played a role in AlignRevenue’s inception and growth,” said Mark Kaplan, CEO of Alpha Loft. “I have been greatly impressed with the dedication, professionalism, and lean start-up process that have been the cornerstones of their development.”

AlignRevenue relocated to the Flatley Innovation Center at the end of January.

About The John Flatley Company

The John Flatley Company was founded in 1985 and has continued to expand in the New England real estate market. The company is focused on the development and management of office, research and development properties, retail centers, and apartment communities throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The John Flatley Company is committed to providing tenants with high quality, affordable space in convenient locations. Many of our tenants have been with us for over two decades, which is a testament to the Company’s commitment of service. For more information about the John Flatley Company, please visit www.jflatco.com, like us on Facebook and follow us on Linkedin and Google+.

About Alpha Loft

Alpha Loft supports and provides resources to entrepreneurs, improving their prospects for successfully launching and scaling innovation-based businesses. Alpha Loft’s success means a strong entrepreneurial culture in NH, creating companies and high quality jobs. In addition to high value programming, events, advice, and mentoring, Alpha Loft has locations in Durham, Portsmouth, and Manchester where entrepreneurs can start and build their companies. More information is available at http://alphaloft.org.

About AlignRevenue

AlignRevenue aims to make B2B salespeople more effective and productive. Their first product, AlignMeeting, is a collaborative virtual meeting and sales analytics platform that makes remote sales meetings interactive and effective and increases sales productivity by saving hours of administrative time. For more information about AlignRevenue, visit alignrevenue.com, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, and like us on Facebook.

Margaret Donnelly

Margaret Donnelly has enjoyed over 25 years in technology marketing and business development in Silicon Valley across telecom, computer hardware and software, consumer and business services industries. Her prior NH-based start-up, JitterJam, went from idea to exit in 18 months. Follow Margaret on Twitter @mwdonnelly

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