Calls are meeting too

Calls Are Meetings Too

Here’s a story of how I messed up my own call. Yup, I had a great call with John, but I couldn’t find any record of it later.

A few weeks back, John helped me plan for a presentation to our external peer group. It was a great call as he’s such a super facilitator. We discussed some key topics, ideas to keep others engaged and take away points for everyone. Being craft beer lovers we even got some fun time around our favorite subject.

Many days later I finally had a chance to begin my presentation prep. Yes, me, mister meeting man couldn’t find any notes from my call with John. That great creativity outcome was lost. I was quite miffed at myself.
So many business calls are really just like mini-meetings, but too many of us treat them too casually. In my research, I’ve found that the majority of people don’t have recorded notes from calls and even fewer have common shared notes.

With an AlignMeeting’s ‘instant meeting’, you can be on the meeting board in one click and have others join you in another click. Keep focused with a simple agenda, notate the conversation highlights and takeaways together. Then, of course, you’ll have great, shared post meeting notes.

Oh, yea, John is a rockstar and did have notes. A little embarrassing for me but luckily I did get to have a great, successful presentation.

I invite you to look at our post, ‘Telephone Magic with AlignMeeting‘ in our Success Center. This article walks through how to work a telephone call alongside an AlignMeeting session.

Are your organizing activities when you’re on the phone? Please share a story of your organizing processes?

We hope we can help you with your calls and make your discussions productive and actionable.

Ric Pratte

Ric Pratte is CEO & Co-Founder of AlignMeeting. Ric is a long time high-tech entrepreneur and is currently focused on new business models in our digital world such as social business, digital sales & marketing, predictive analytics and game mechanics. Previously, Ric was a President & COO of Rapid Insight; Founder & CEO of JitterJam, a pioneer in SocialCRM software that was sold to Meltwater Group in 2011; and Co-Founder & CEO of Campagne Associates, acquired by Blackbaud, Inc. in 2006. Follow Ric on Twitter: @ricpratte

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