Completing actions

Making Progress from Your Meetings

It’s one thing to talk about activities; it’s another to get them completed between meetings. We’re firm believers around ‘what gets tracked gets done’. We’re also proponents of shared, transparent accountability.

Have you ever been in a series of meetings where the same or similar activities seem to constantly get talked about with little progress made?

Not only does that kill the culture of your meetings but it also sets the tone that results doesn’t matter. Do you blame the group for not making progress or the leadership for not ensuring activities are completed?

Here are some key steps to make progress:

  1. Have one person responsible. Avoid watering this down. If there are multiple people involved have one person take responsibility. Be very clear so they know and understand they have been assigned the ownership.
  2. Be specific to the outcome. What exactly is expected from this action? As you write the action it’s a good idea is to start with a verb such as “Write”, ‘”Draft”, “Order”, “Complete”. Ensure there is clarity for all people of what is considered as the deliverable. It helps when both sides know what represents the finish line.
  3. Clear timetable expectations. Having clarity on timeline expectations avoids later conflict. There may be a tight deadline with a hard date and time. Other times there could be a time range “anytime next week”. Either way, be clear on when completion is expected.
  4. Track progress on your dashboard. Transparency to others in the meeting helps provide open accountability to all involved. Stuff happens as the saying goes, but knowing what is progressing and what needs attention is critical for success. The AlignMeeting dashboard is everyone’s way to stay on top of their activities and make progress.

Let’s avoid going insane by repeating plans and not reaching your goals. We advocate for meetings centered on positive progress not rehashing what should have been.

How do you ensure everyone makes headway on your projects and initiatives?

Ric Pratte

Ric Pratte is CEO & Co-Founder of AlignMeeting. Ric is a long time high-tech entrepreneur and is currently focused on new business models in our digital world such as social business, digital sales & marketing, predictive analytics and game mechanics. Previously, Ric was a President & COO of Rapid Insight; Founder & CEO of JitterJam, a pioneer in SocialCRM software that was sold to Meltwater Group in 2011; and Co-Founder & CEO of Campagne Associates, acquired by Blackbaud, Inc. in 2006. Follow Ric on Twitter: @ricpratte

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