A Game to Play, but Not to Win

Play meeting hell bingo - we've all been there.
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Most of us clearly know when we’ve been a part of good meetings and when we’ve experienced meeting hell. However, meetings are just a means to an end. On average, 40% of meeting follow-up activities are not completed. 

“Meetings are high leverage events intended to set direction, create alignment and orchestrate work.”

Paul Axtell – Meetings Matter

Meetings Matter - Powerful Strategies for Remarkable Conversations - Paul Axtell
Let's Stop Meeting Like This, Tools to Save Time and Get More Done - Dick & Emily Axelrod

“Meetings are cultural snapshots of how people in the organization relate to each other.”

Dick Axelrod – Let’s Stop Meeting Like This

“No action, activity or process is more central to creating a healthy organization than the meeting.”

Patrick Lencioni

Important books by Patrick Lencioni

There is a better way!

Business Productivity Software for Meetings


At AlignMeeting, we believe calls and meetings should help your work flow faster and smoother. We want to help you improve your results and get more work done.


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