Collaborative Accountability
We help organize activities within your team, throughout the company, and across external resources
Collaborative Accountability
We help organize activities within your team, throughout the company, and across external resources

Sarah needs to make some progress on her spring email campaign. She jumps on a conference call with some of her team and outside contractors. They want to finalize some decisions and move the project forward. Most importantly, Sarah needs to make sure the results gets put into action.


This is AlignMeeting.

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Simple to Start

  • With one click Sarah is into her meeting page.
  • She easily shares the meeting page URL with the others.
  • They’re brought right into the collaborative AlignMeeting workspace.
  • As a web tool, the workspace is agnostic to operating systems, browsers or whatever productivity stack each person uses.
The meeting board for a new AlignMeeting
Collaborating on the AlignMeeting virtual workspace.

Crystal Clear Collaboration

  • Sarah kicks off the call by quickly adding her points to discuss for an agenda and Lori adds an item too.
  • In real-time on the virtual whiteboard they can each add their thoughts highlighting the conversation along with supporting images.
  • They all like having the follow-up actions shown so it’s very transparent to the expectations after the call.

Rewarding Results

  • Sarah and everyone in the call immediately is emailed a notes from the meeting. Even Janice who missed the call.
  • Now the group is literally on the same page and they all have their follow-up action items.
  • Action items can be synced to each person’s own task management tool (future).
Meeting minutes emailed to attendees immediately as the call ends
History of action items across all meetings as well as history of meetings.

Transparent Accountability

  • Sarah and everyone in all her calls and meetings have a transparent awareness on the status of all action items from their previous calls or meetings.
  • They found the accountability to be stronger when it’s viewable to all of them so they can provide help when their peers need it most.
  • Sarah can also go back to look at any historical meeting or search when previous topics or decisions were discussed (future).
Try Instant Meeting Now

Risk free, cost free, no account required.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the audio work for remote people?

For a remote/virtual meeting, the audio portion is independent and parallel to AlignMeeting. The system does not replace your current calling or web conferencing system. Whatever options you have used successfully in the past may be utilized again.

How does it work if everyone is in the same room?

AlignMeeting is valuable for local or virtual meetings as well as a combination.

If in a room the minimum is one person logged into the meeting hosting the AlignMeeting session and taking notes. Other people who are comfortable may also have laptops or tablets and be participating on the collaborative meeting board as well.

Some organizations project one person’s computer on a wall for others to see.

Does everyone have to be logged into AlignMeeting?

No, it is not a requirement for all people to be logged into a meeting. Once a person is invited to a meeting they are able to be assigned action items, receive the meeting summary email and reenter the meeting board later.

Can we have both people in a room and people remote?

Yes. This has become more commonplace and AlignMeeting helps ensure everyone ends on the same page. Whether people are in the room or on the phone, they have the ability to take part in the AlignMeeting session on their computer. If they choose not to they will still get the post-meeting summary.

What’s the advantage to AlignMeeting if only one person takes notes?

The meeting minutes including action items are distributed within moments of the meeting ending. Attendees with assigned actions may come back and update their status later.

The meeting has an agenda circulated in advance and the meeting can flow with the agenda.