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Rebranding from AlignRevenue to AlignMeeting

Aligning Company and Product Brands

You may have noticed a change in our website and our social media accounts from AlignRevenue to AlignMeeting. Those changes reflect rebranding of our company to unify our company and product under a single brand.

As a lean start-up, we’re always striving to do more with less. We experiment, learn and make adjustments. It’s a tall order to build one brand, let alone two. As we were rolling out the AlignMeeting beta and introducing more and more people to our ‘meeting room in the cloud,’ it became abundantly clear that the AlignRevenue brand was weighing us down and causing confusion.  So now, AlignMeeting represents both our product and our company. Simple.

Our Original Vision

AlignRevenue long-term visionThe AlignRevenue name came from our original vision — to build solutions that help align Sales and Marketing (and all organizations in a business) so they are focused on the customer. We envisioned a line of products that would tackle the many problems in creating a unified customer life cycle process; thus, we focused the company brand on aligning an entire organization to the lifeblood of a company — revenue.

The first problem we decided to tackle was something that has profound impact on a business — poor, presentation-based remote meetings. Buyers are extremely dissatisfied with the sales experience; 90% say that sales meetings are a waste of time. We wanted to change that experience to be more collaborative and engaging for the buyer, and vastly more successful for Sales. The result is AlignMeeting.

Way Beyond Sales — The Need to Collaborate and Coordinate

The feedback we’ve received has been phenomenal. One of the key questions we’ve been asked is, “Is this just for sales meetings?” Usually when this question was asked of us, it was followed quickly by, “…because I’d love to use it for [X].” That ‘X’ has included:

  • Customer success / implementation planning
  • Project management
  • Candidate review
  • Client reviews
  • Student projects
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Account management
  • Event planning & management
  • …and much more!
AlignMeeting Discuss Decide Document

The common thread across these diverse meeting types have been the need to collaborate and coordinate with others, to agree upon (and assign) action items, and to have a permanent record of the meeting and decisions. Discuss. Decide. Document.

In the coming months, you’ll see stories of how we’ve helped our customers do just that.

Please let us know if you’d like to take AlignMeeting for spin and have your own meeting room in the cloud!

Margaret Donnelly

Margaret Donnelly has enjoyed over 25 years in technology marketing and business development in Silicon Valley across telecom, computer hardware and software, consumer and business services industries. Her prior NH-based start-up, JitterJam, went from idea to exit in 18 months. Follow Margaret on Twitter @mwdonnelly

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