Scheduling and Preparing Meetings

One way to improve the effectiveness of any meeting is preparing everyone ahead. This way, everyone knows in advance what the discussion will center around and any advance preparation needed on their part.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Having an agenda and meeting board content prepared in advance
  • Sharing the agenda to all participants
  • Let others participate in providing content ahead
  • Introducing topics one at a time during the meeting

What’s different for a scheduled AlignMeeting?

Through AlignMeeting you’ll be able to define your meeting and share the agenda with others. The system automatically will add it to everyone’s calendars (if they accept). AlignMeeting integrates with either Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.

The in-meeting experience provides the host the ability to reveal each agenda topic one at a time. This may be in the order as planned or in the flow of the moment.

Add your meeting to everyone's calendar.

Set up and schedule

Use the Schedule a Meeting button from your Meetings tab on your AlignMeeting dashboard.

Here’s an example of a meeting about to be scheduled.
Scheduling this meeting will send you and the named attendees a email (if you selected send email) as well as put in on everyone’s calendar (Google calendar or Microsoft Outlook).
All this content can be modified on the meeting board before you kick-off the meeting EXCEPT for the meeting date/time.
The email subject and message is additional messaging beyond the standard. I suggest you add the method of communication, ex. phone call; WebEx, conference room, etc.

Schedule1 define meeting

Prepare the meeting before kick-off

You and all the attendees can edit the meeting content on the meeting board. Things like: add questions needing an answer; load images ahead; someone is responsible for a topic and so worth. This reduces the need to write everything during the meeting but rather add comments to your prepared material. Remember, in contrast to an instant meeting, the host can reveal agenda topics as needed rather than everything showing all at once.

Schedule2 prep button

Selecting a line on your meeting list (AlignMeeting dashboard), will toggle a shade to show more options for a meeting. Selecting Prepare Content will open the meeting board in preparation mode. Add, modify content as needed and move topics around. Once it’s saved all the text content is displayed in black during the meeting. The color designations during preparation just helps you see each person’s changes if you’re editing simultaneously.

Preparing content on the board ahead of a meeting

Running a scheduled meeting

From the meeting list dropdown, select Start Meeting. An intermediate ‘kick-off’ window is displayed. This provides a holding area where you can see if other attendees have joined before kicking off the meeting. This is optional for your needs. To kick-off the meeting simply click the green arrow play button.

Revealing agenda topics

The main difference when running a scheduled meeting is your ability to place topics on the meeting board as you need them (not overwhelming with all the content at once). Now on the menu bar you can-

  • Click the double arrow button to reveal the next topic, or;
  • Select the topic to reveal from the pull down.

You can only place a topic once on the meeting board. It will show as grey in the list once it’s placed.

Reveal topics as needed from a scheduled meeting.