Telephone Magic with AlignMeeting

Calls are meeting too. Put the results into action

Beth has numerous calls with people in order to move her projects forward. Some are scheduled, others should be, and many just pop up. A common to her calls is they all have activities to coordinate in order to move the progress successfully forward. While Beth’s calls are no less important than formally structured meetings, she still needs to ensure the follow-up gets put into action.


  • Increase the call collaboration
  • Demonstrate transparency
  • Establish clarity in the key points and future actions
  • Ensure the actions get completed

The objective of this article is to share an overview of how Beth uses AlignMeeting to make her calls more productive. In this case, Beth is organizing a speaking event with Stephanie.

Beth wants to keep everything as simple as possible. Here’s how she typically approaches a call:

  • What are the main points I want to ensure I cover?
  • What is the essence of discussion on these topics?
  • What’s next after the call?
Telephone technology

Again, no need to over complicate things as the phone call is a critical part of this process. Beth gets the phone call kicked off first. Once she has the other party engaged, she then introduces the link to her AlignMeeting session.

The quickie call

  1. Beth selects ‘Start Meeting’ from or her AlignMeeting dashboard
  2. She names the meeting
  3. Adds the agenda topics points
  4. She clicks ‘Invite Attendees’ and adds Stephanie’s email address and name
    • Checks ‘Send invite email’
    • Clicks ‘Add Invite’ button
    • Stephanie receives the email invite and clicks the meeting link
    • Stephanie is brought into the AlignMeeting meeting board and her name appears in the attendee list
  5. Beth and Stephanie have their conversation, each noting their important points within the meeting board topics.
  6. They both add follow-up action items
  7. Beth clicks ‘Email Meeting Summary’ at the end
Instant meeting ready to go

The planned content call

If Beth wanted to plan content ahead of her call with Stephanie, she uses this process.

  1. Beth selects ‘Schedule a Meeting’ from her dashboard. (See Schedule and Prepare a meeting)
  2. To add more content to her topics, she selects ‘Prepare content’ from the meeting list.
  3. Beth selects ‘Run Meeting’ from the meeting list and click the green arrow to kick-off.
  4. Once the AlignMeeting session has started, Beth invites Stephanie as in the quickie call.

Suggestion. Beth uses leading questions in her content on the meeting board. This encourages Stephanie to participate in the meeting board with her responses and it appears in Stephanie’s attendee color.

Should you have the other party in your AlignMeeting?

While it’s simple to invite another person onto your meeting board, there are times where Beth uses AlignMeeting by herself. Such situations include when another party isn’t online or Beth knows the other party really is not comfortable with technology.

However, Beth finds the end results just as valuable. Both Beth and the other party receive the full meeting summary, including the agreed upon action items at the end.

Modifications to the process above

Beth still invites the other party to the meeting, she just doesn’t ‘send invite email’. This way the other party will still have a presence in the meeting and Beth can assign action items if needed. This will also allow the others to receive the emailed meeting summary.

Results into Action

For Beth, it’s all about the results that matter. How did her call end? What are both Beth and Stephanie doing to follow-up?

Obviously, this is where AlignMeeting shines. As Beth closes the call she is sure to email the meeting summary.

Whether Stephanie was using AlignMeeting or not, both of them have the same conclusion of the call. Most importantly they both have the next steps forward, including the detailed action items.

Introducing AlignMeeting to someone new

Here’s a quick intro she uses when talking to a person new to AlignMeeting.

“I’m using a tool to help me get the most from our time, increase our collaboration and automatically give both of us notes after the call.

I’ll send you a link if you’d like to join me on an AlignMeeting virtual whiteboard.”

Beth uses a sample on the meeting board to show the collaboration ability. She writes, “What’s your favorite color?”, or “What’s your favorite cocktail?” and asks the other party to type in the answer. It’s a quick way to help the others see how easily they could participate.