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All participants easily collaborate on a shared virtual whiteboard.

Everyone gets immediate notes, access to history and
followup action items across all your calls and meetings.

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If you spend time with other people to coordinate activities,

AlignMeeting will make you more successful.

Meetings and calls are only a means to the end. We’ll help you use that time and end in total sync with others.
Whether you’re in the room or across the globe, we’ll help you be more successful from the frustrating world of meetings.

Simple to Start

Nothing to download. You can start or join an AlignMeeting from any point on the web. Within seconds, you’ll be in AlignMeeting and ready to jam. Inviting others to the session is just one more click. AlignMeeting is agnostic to other productivity platforms, operating systems and browsers.


Get everyone on the same page...literally. Your discussion goes to a new level when others can “see what you mean”. Gain incredible clarity when everyone comes away with common understandings of the topics. No more misunderstanding, keep everyone in sync.

Rewarding Results

Nothing like the feeling when your time was well spent from a meeting. Move forward with immediate shared notes from the crowdsourced activity. Your call outcomes come out as action items providing a checklist of activities needing follow-up.

Transparent Accountability

AlignMeeting fosters transparent conversations as well as action activity and follow-up. With an AlignMeeting account you can see action item status across meetings and groups. Having all your meeting and activity history accessible in one central location makes everyone’s life far simpler.

Not another web-conferencing tool

AlignMeeting is great for either in-person or virtual meetings. It works in conjunction with communication tools such as telephone calls, web conferencing or video chat.

Eliminate missed actions

One of the biggest drags on you or your group's performance is misfiring on the activities needed to move forward. AlignMeeting ensures the you have clarity within your meetings and outcome get’s put into people’s workflow.

Reduce misunderstandings

You can only get on the same page if everyone is sharing the same mental picture. Through the shared virtual whiteboard now everyone gains clarity in the conversation. Now you can literally “see what I mean”.

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% of employee time spent in meetings

$37B Wasted Each Year Ineffective Meetings

% of people who cite ``wasteful meetings`` as a significant work obstacle



Are you curious to understand the personnel costs of your meetings?


Harvard Business Review put together a simple calculator that helps you estimate the labor cost of your meetings. Try it and see how much you’re spending on a single meeting!


Then sign up for your free AlignMeeting account and maximize the return on your meeting investment!

Try Instant Meeting Now

Risk free, cost free, no account required.

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